Grace Ev. Lutheran Church

415th 10th St.

DeWitt, IA 52742 


Fax 563-659-3470


8:00 am at Grace Church

Traditional - 1st through 4th Sunday

Praise Band - 5th Sunday


 10:30am at Grace Church

Traditional - 1st & 3rd Sunday

Praise Band - 2nd, 4th, & 5th Sunday

Worship Services


Business Manager

Melissa Riedesel

Cell- 319-551-2080



Kerry Good


Grace Staff


Lenten Devotions

~Lent is upon us!

      We are now in the season of Lent, the forty-day period that reflects the forty days Jesus fasted in the wilderness. Lent is a time of spiritual self-examination that prepares us to not only observe his Passion, but eventually, to also celebrate his Resurrection. Self-examination is accomplished with spiritual disciplines … prayer, Bible reading, meditation, fasting, good works, confession, generosity and similar practices. A “discipline,” which comes from the same root word as does “disciple,” helps us to see ourselves the way God sees us. Perhaps one of the least recognized of these disciplines is generosity. Lent is a time for a fresh opening of ourselves to God; a chance to start anew after this period of self-examination. It calls us back to our best character goals, to our commitment to follow Jesus, and gives us a chance to realign ourselves as a steward of all of God’s gifts.